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ok someone correct me if i’m wrong but are the 7 lights sora, riku, kairi, roxas, lea, mickey, and aqua?? please share your kh knowledge with me

instead of roxas, i’m fairly sure it’s actually Ventus, since he’s Somebody!

ok here’s the thing though (to everyone who said that it’s ventus and not roxas) i’ve ~*heard*~ that roxas grew his own heart because idk he’s swaggy enough??? so he’s his own person. ventus is still napping in castle O i think and idk how they’re going to wake him up and my novice prediction is that they’re going to do it after they finish the nort squad. i have a looooong list of predictions though lol.

furthermore, roxas may or may not be able to summon his own keyblade (because he was only able to dual wield because of sora and ven), in which case it would HAVE to be ven waking up at some point but idk how.

NOMURA COULD SURPRISE US AND MAKE IT TERRA but that’s even less likely than ven or roxas.